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Thank you for visiting our Free Proxy Server privacy protection tools, we are the perfect solution if you want to keep your internet history safe and add encryption to your browsing.Through many advanced security measures our reliable and efficient dedicated proxy server will deliver the pages you need to access very quickly. Each page is pulled through the free proxy server, analysed automatically and embedded with the safety features needed to stop people tracking you online. We often check, upgrade and maintain the anonymous servers we run to ensure your PC internet browser has proper defences.

Your IP address, one of the most easy way to identify you is cloaked behind the IP of our heavily secured datacenter. Many dangerous scripts are instantly filtered from view and advertisements are kept to a minimum. Working in tandem with up to date anti-virus and firewall software, it is the perfect combination for personal privacy. Our FREE PROXY SERVER - Proxy List with fastest Proxy iP works like a�Virtual Private Network (VPN) Services or even like HTTP Proxies.

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